Vojna & Eric

It is always a great compliment for me when another artist asks me to photograph something for them. Last year I was enjoying mosaic art in Andricgrad and this year I found out that one of the artists who was working on that is following my work on internet and would like me to photograph her wedding!

Vojna married Eric in a small, extraordinary elegant wedding in Aero-club, Belgrade, one of the most beautiful places in the city. She looked stunning in long sequin and lace dress, like she just walked down from red carpet ( sweet little detail: when someone of their friends asked Eric  that evening how does he feels about getting married he just showed to his lovely bride and said “How could I feel?” 🙂 ). Althought it was rainy and cloudy that day, atmosphere was shiny and everything was perfect. We took a few photos in the beautiful interior:

vojna and eric by smiljka boskov

Vojna and Eric net-57

Vojna and Eric-476



And I photographed the ceremony later on, as well as all the spontanious and emotional moments that are my favorite thing about every wedding.


Vojna and Eric net-97

Vojna and Eric net-79
Vojna and Eric net-105

Vojna and Eric net-101

Vojna and Eric net-99
Vojna and Eric net-119

Vojna and Eric net-124

Vojna and Eric net-127

Vojna and Eric-479

Vojna and Eric net-128

Vojna and Eric net-129

Vojna and Eric-480

Vojna and Eric net-146

Vojna and Eric net-142

Vojna and Eric net-166

Vojna and Eric net-178


Vojna and Eric net-215 - Copy

Vojna and Eric net-287 - Copy

Vojna and Eric net-205 - Copy

Vojna and Eric-456

Vojna and Eric-419

Vojna and Eric-337

Vojna and Eric-375

Vojna and Eric-347

Vojna and Eric-307



Vojna and Eric-329



We have also done the wedding book, few days latter, which was perfect because we could choose my favorite part of the day for shooting, golden hour (just before the sunset, when light is soft and complementing). It was my first wedding session in Kalemegdan, Belgrade fortress, and I must say I was a little bit woried about the crowd but we had just enought time with no people around us to get the photos. Vojna said that after walking in Kalemegdan in front of all that people in a wedding dress, she is now ready for everything. 🙂  I am wishing my dear couple all the best in their new life together and I hope you will like the photos we took. Feel free to share your impressions with us in the comment section bellow. 🙂


bride Vojna

Vojna and Eric net-75

bride and groom

Vojna and Eric net-57

Vojna and Eric net-76

Vojna and Eric net-44

bride and dress

Vojna and Eric net-101

Vojna and Eric net-109





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  1. KristinaShe’s adorable !And I think that it’s not nescrsaey to create a new category which includes only foreigners; she’s in Belgrade now and she’s stylish ! It’s all part of the common style in the streets of Belgrade !xoxo

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