Baby Alice :)

When Rafaella asked me to photograph her newborn baby Alice and showed me some cute photos of babies with bows, laces and little tutu skirts, I was thrilled to have such a creative and playful comision! So I started preparing my props… Firstly I got three beautiful flower headbands from dear Mustrica  – whose work I absolutely adore.






Afther that I ordered three soft woolen baby blankets, two of them handmade by Suzana, and bought a piece of fur for the background…













Than I decided to get a little bit creative myself and made a few tutu skirts and these headpieces from lace, flowers and strips (my favorite part is this little crown with pink flowers 🙂 ).


FOT_5368 FOT_5372
















So everything was ready for our photosession! We photographed Alice,only 9 days old, at her home, with natural light. We were able to capture some beautiful poses while she was sleeping calmly. 🙂 I know that newborn photography is very rare in Serbia, and that is why I am thankful for this lovely experience and hope to have more lovely comisions like this!

FOT_1654 FOT_1670 FOT_1854

Here are the photos. I hope you will like them. Feel free to share your impresions in the coments below 🙂

Alice 7

Alice 10

Alice 17

Alice 2

Alice 12

Alice 6


FOT_1819 fb

Alice 5 black and white

Alice 4


Alice 15


Alice 18


Alice 19






3 thoughts on “Baby Alice :)

  1. Thank you for your excellent work, patience and love for our Alice! Congrats

    • Thank you for your excellent work, patience and love for our Alice! Congrats

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