I can belive in anything, provided that it is quite incredible. Oscar Wild

I am professional photographer, from Novi Sad, living in Belgrade, Serbia. I graduated photography in the Faculty of Applied Arts in University of Arts in Belgrade.

I am very specific in my estetic and in my work, for example if you ask me what is my favorite color, answer will be : light mint blue painted on wood years ago and scratched by time. Yes, that is my answer for real! I am very specific about what I like, and what you see on examples is what you get. I think that if you have choosen me for your family photosession, it is because you like my style. I try to deliver you my work the best I can, and it is getting better and better by time. 🙂

Maybe I don’ t have best qualities for the boring office job, but that is why you will love me as a newborn photographer for your family. I am more an artist than a business owner. I am very devoted and emotional about my work, and I enjoy it so much. I am the definition of hastag #lovemyjob . I can not get up and work early in the morning, but I stay awake at night editing photos. I am easy money spending, so your baby will enjoy in best baby props. I get bored from repeating, so that is why I have a ton of baby clothes and tiebacks, so that I could combine them a bit different on each session. I have profesional arfiticial light but I prefere natural light, so I do my sessions before dawn.

I do desinging and sewing of baby-clothes and some props we use for sessions, and I also order some stuff but only from a few shops that are complementary to my style.

I get along with babies great, I fall in love with my little clients on all of my sessions. I think that beside creative part, it is very important in my job to know how to handle babies, to be safe with them, to pose them nicely (it is so diferent in posing than with adults). I have done a lot of baby sessions, so I really know how to handle a baby. 🙂

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